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Seeing the Whole Picture!

December 20, 2021

Last week we opened up our devotion on First Corinthians 12 with the nine gifts of the Spirit. Notice that it starts out with these words, “Now concerning spiritual gifts." Maybe I’m just reading too much into this word "now,"  but it seems to me that something must have been said before the topic of the nine gifts could be looked at that was important enough to use the word, "now."

You might ask, "Well, what were they talking about in First Corinthians 11 that would help us to be prepared for saying, “now?"  I’m so glad that you asked!

There were situations that were being addressed concerning things dealing with the works of the flesh. When you read Chapter 11 it deals with several problems in the Body of Christ. One of the problems was concerning the Corinthians taking communion in the wrong manner. Verses 23 through 26 describe the proper way, while Verses 27 through 32 tell us what was happening. The chapter concludes with the answers to overcoming the flesh. To me, Verves 33 and 34 are focusing on how we can deal with the flesh by taking Communion with the Body.

1 Corinthians 11:33-34 (KJV)

33 "Wherefore, my brethren, when ye come together to eat, tarry one for another.

34 "And if any man hunger, let him eat at home; that ye come not together unto condemnation. And the rest will I set in order when I come."

Once we have dealt with the flesh problem then we can began to talk about spiritual things. As Paul said it, “Now concerning spiritual gifts..."

Thank You, Father, for correction, protection, and direction in the proper use of the gifts that You desire to give us. I’m looking forward to seeing how they work in helping us encourage one another through Your Word. In Jesus's name, Amen.

Blessings on the journey, and remember that the best is yet to come.

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